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I have been the sole or joint Principal Investigator on research and research commercialisation grants with cumulative funding of approximately €3.6m. This page lists those that are currently active and those that are completed.

Current Grants

  • FAME is a Science Foundation Ireland funded strategic research cluster, led by my colleague Willie Donnelly, with academic partners Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, University College Cork, NUI Maynooth and industry partners IBM, Cisco and Alcatel Lucent. In the cluster I am a funded investigator, responsible for a budget of €269k, which is funding four of my PhD students.
  • Telecommunications Graduate Initiative is an Irish Higher Education Authority funded all-Ireland virtual graduate school for PhD students working in the broad telecommunications domain. I am responsible for coordinating one of four TGI streams, docussing on Telecommunications Service Delivery. I am the PI for WIT, responsible for a budget of €896k that will fund six PhD students over a four year period and will fund delivery of four graduate level modules delivery by leading world experts.
  • ACTIVE is a new Enterprise Ireland Commericalisation Fund project that will develop some technology relating to monitoring and autonomic management in cloud environments. The project is in its initial phase, with a budget of €79k, and has a current focus on market analysis and preliminary technology development.

Completed Grants

  • GenesisX was a Celtic Initiative / Enterprise Ireland project that developed some technology to simplify creation of services in IP Multimedia Subsystem communications services where presence / location information can be gathered via femto/pico base stations. The technology is currently being trialled by one of the project industry partners. The project completed in early 2011.
  • SIPmeter was an Enterprise Ireland Proof of Concept project that developed technology to support billing for composed services in an IP Multimedia Subsystem environment. The project completed in 2008.
  • Henry and a follow-on project Feedhenry, both commercialisation projects funded by Enterprise Ireland, developed technology relating to the use of real-time feeds to create widgets and, latterly, mobile applications. Feedhenry Ltd., a start-up licensing the outputs of these projects, spun out from WIT in early 2011 with 1st round funding of approximately €1m. The company now employs approximately 30 people.
  • OPAALS was an EU Framework Programme 6 Network of Excellence led by the London School of Economics and involving over 20 partners across Europe. Our work focussed on development of a framework for distributed identity, distributed accountability and distributed trust in peer-to-peer digital ecosystems. The project completed in 2010
  • ADCS was a Science Foundation Ireland research frontiers project that developed a framework for automating the generation of charging logic for composed services. It completed in 2008.
  • Billing4Rent was an Enterprise Ireland funded innovation partnership project with Intec Billing that developed a solution for billing for communications services offered via Software as a Service. It let to the establishment of a spin-out company called which unfortunately was not successful.
  • Finally MARINER was an EU Framework Programme 5 ACTS project that I initiated and coordinated during my time as a research assistant / PhD student at Teltec Ireland, Dublin City University. The consortium, which included Imperial College, Ericsson and Lund University developed techniques for agent-based load control for Intelligent Network telecommunications environments.

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